List of courses provided by the department for the academic year 2021/2022

BAMIK Microprocessor Applications
BAMI1 Microprocessor Applications 1
BAMI2 Microprocessor Applications 2
BANTE Antennas
BBAPA Bachelor Thesis
BBAPE Bachelor Seminar
BBASA Bachelor Course
BBASE Bachelor Course
BBEZP Work Safety
BBPVE Work Safety in El. Engineering
BDISI Discrete Signals
BELEK Electrical Engineering
BELES Electrical Engineering and Electronics
BELKE Electrical Engineering
BELME Electrical Measurementí
BELOB Electronic Circuits
BELTS Electrical Engineering
BELT1 Electrical Engineering 1
BELT2 Electrical Engineering 2
BEMKO Electromagnetic Compatibility
BEOBV Electrical Circuits
BESOE Electronic Components
BESOU Electronic Components
BKEZA Design of Electrical Devices
BKOS Communication Systems
BKOSY Communication Systems
BKOTE Communication Technology
BKOTS Communication Technology
BMITE Microprocessor Technology
BMITS Microprocessor Technology
BMPEE Electrical Engineering Material
BMTEE Microprocessor Technology
BMVAN Microwave Elements and Antennas
BMVTS Microwave Technology
BOPRA Professional Training
BPDAE Data Transmission
BPDAI Data Transmission
BPOSE Networks
BPRME Electrical Measurement
BPSEE Simulation of Electronic Circuits
BPSYS Transmission Systems and Networks
BRPRO Project
BSPRA Term Project
BSPSI Continuous Signals
BTEDE Technical Documentation in Electric.Eng.
BZELN Elements of Electronics
BZSIS Signal processing
BZSO Signal and Image Processing
NANSY Antenna Design
NDISP Digital Signal Processors
NDKTE Digital Communication
NKOSY Communication Systems
NKOTE Communication Technology
NMIOB Microwave Engineering
NMIPR Microprocessors
NNASE Acoustic Signal Processing
NNDPE Diploma Thesis
NNDSE Diploma Seminar
NNLOE Programmable Logic Circuits
NNRKE Radio-Communication Systems
NNSBE Reliability and Safety
NNSDE Sinal Processing in Digit. Communication
NNSSE Signals and Systems
NNUPE Positioning Systems
NNZOE Image Processing
NNZSE Digital Signal Processing
NOTZM Parallel Processing with Multimedia Signals
NPEO Advanced Electronic Circuits
NRASY Radar Systems
NRSYS Radar Systems
NSISO Signály a soustavy
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