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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics supports educational mobility programmes as part of its internationalisation strategy.

Short-term study

Most of our short-term students come for one or two terms through the Erasmus+ scholarship programme. Students may also have a different scholarship, however, or possibly come without a scholarship as "free-movers". There is no fee for study, so it is only the expenses for travel, food and accommodation which the students have to cover themselves in such cases.

Whether students apply through Erasmus+ or as free-movers, there should be a valid bilateral agreement between their home university and the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.  All applicants should be formally nominated by their home university.

To short-term students we offer a specific list of courses taught in English language. Students are obliged to choose from this list and submit a “Learning Agreement“ for approval before they arrive.

More information regarding exchange mobilities and application procedure can be found under the following link:

The list of courses for Erasmus and other short-term students is available here:

Some other possibilities of financial support apart from Erasmus+ are listed here:

Erasmus+ Traineeship

Students who prefer to focus on research rather than study during their stay at our faculty may apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship. To enquire about acceptance for a traineeship, students may contact the faculty international coordinator at the address The inquiry e-mail should contain a student´s CV with information about the student´s previous education and professional experience, further information about a suggested date of a traineeship commencement, duration of the traineeship and a proposed research topic the students would like to work on, so that a suitable supervisor may be assigned to them.