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Study programmes


Applied Electrical Engineering

Bachelor, full-time, 3 years, read more here


Communication Technology

Bachelor, full-time, 3 years, read more here


Communication and Radar Systems

Master, full-time, 2 years, read more here


Electrical Engineering and Informatics

PhD, full-time or part-time, 4 years, read more here


The Department of Electrical Engineering is focused on education, research and development in dynamically developing areas of communication, radar and sensor systems. These complex systems include the development, design and construction of electronic devices using prototype production; applications of processors in the fields of automation, sensors, signal and data processing and transmission; analysis of multimedia and radio signals; design and development of microwave circuits or antenna systems; radio monitoring or EMC testing.

The Department of Electrical Engineering carries out professional cooperation with renowned industrial partners. The department successfully participates in projects from Technology Agency of the Czech Republic projects "TAČR", Ministry of Industry and Trade "MPO" and Ministry of Industry Youth and Sports "MŠMT". The results of cooperation in projects or from contract research are applied in the form of industrial design protection and licenses. Other activities are focused on international cooperation with major universities, institutes and technology companies around the world. The international activities of the Department of Electrical Engineering involve Horizont 2020 (H2020) projects, international platform activities or bilateral internships of researchers and doctoral students. In addition to European partners, the department cooperates with Ukraine, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and South Africa.

The department provides two pathways. An academically focused bachelor's degree program "Communication Technology", which is followed by a master's degree program "Communication and Radar Systems". The focus of these study programs offers a unique set of specialised subjects. 

We also offer a bachelor's program in "Applied Electrical Engineering". This prepare students to become specialists in the development of electronic devices and microprocessor applications. This includes three-month internship with an industrial partner.

In the bachelor's study programs, the department provides teaching of specialized subjects in the field of electronic circuit design, transmission systems, digital signal processing, programming of control applications, microprocessor technology or microwave technology. The master's degree courses include subjects focused on the design and development of communication, radar and navigation systems and their components, microwave and antenna elements, security systems for transport infrastructures, multimedia signal processing and radio systems for data transmission.