Galileo Masters Prize 2020 for prof. Filip

12. 1. 2021

A researcher of the University of Pardubice becomes the Czech winner of the Galileo Masters 2020 in recognition of a solution that Europe has spent 10 years looking for. Aleš Filip of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics proposed a solution that may reduce railway traffic management costs while improve the safety thanks to the EGNOS SoL service for aviation.

“ Our faculty sees the award in such a prestigious competition as a sign of recognition of our long-term participation in international and national projects. In addition, we appreciate that a researcher of our faculty came up with a solution of a pan-European problem,“ said Ing. Zdeněk Němec, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty. 

As part of the STEMS, HELMET and POSITRANS projects, the researchers of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics have designed a procedure for merging the EGNOS Sol (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System - Safety of Life) with the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). The idea of merging the aviation and railway safety in line with the CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) rules has turned out to be innovative.

Originally, EGNOS was designed to comply with the aviation safety standards, which was not acceptable for railway traffic. “We have proposed that EGNOS be accepted as an existing element complying with the CENELEC standards and suggested developing a European safety manual that will describe how to merge EGNOS and ERTMS safely,“ says doc. Ing. Aleš Filip, CSc. of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, who represented the University of Pardubice in the competition. What is more, it is now completely realistic that the project will be implemented within a few years’ time.

Galileo Masters Prize was part of the European Space Week at the beginning of December. Aleš Filip has entered the Galileo Masters Hall of Fame. The Galileo Masters is announced and funded by the European Union. The Galileo Masters annually awards prizes to the best services, products, and business concepts that use satellite navigation in everyday life. Its mission is to spur on the development of market-driven applications based on satellite navigation technologies. The Galileo Masters provides support for innovations at each development stage. The competition represents a network of innovation and expertise of more than 140 global partners, more than 13,000 participants and a panel of 200 experts assigned with the evaluation of the submissions.

TEXT: Martina Macková/PHOTO: Milan Reinberk