Last events of 2019

17. 6. 2019
Presentation of the faculty laboratories to university representatives from Ho Chi Minh City

Due to start of cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, University of Pardubice and Universities from Vietnam, our Faculty was visited by representatives from, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ton Duc Thang University; and from the University of Food Industry, Information Technology Training Center.

Our visitors were Doctors Nguyen Nhat Tan, an expert in 5G, Phuong Pham Nhat who is a specialist in solar panels from TDT University, and Vice Director Nguyen Thanh Long (his topic is computer simulations) from the University of Food Industry.

They visited our electrical measurements teaching laboratories, anechoic chamber, laboratory for prototype production, laboratory for study of radio techniques, specialized laboratory for image and sound processing, computer networks laboratories, and others.

14. 6. 2019
 Within the ERASMUS+

Four Ph.D. students from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Asam, Indie, arrived at a 3 month study internship with themes of dissertation theses:

  • Praveen Tiwari (Design and Development of Computional Framework for Microgrid Applications)
  • Uddipana Dowerah (Homomorphic Encryption)
  • Bikram Paul (Design and Implementation of Quantum Computing attack immune PQC algorithms)
  • Mohit Kumar Joshi (Design of the High Power Coaxial Magnetron and components in X-Band)

5. 6. 2019
Workshop – How successfully cooperated with Technology institute in India

Ph.D. students from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Guwahati and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in the University of Pardubice presented their research. Ing. Jan Pidanič Ph.D., Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Ing. Zdeněk Němec Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, started the workshop. Dr. Gaurav Trivedi and Dr. Hanumant Singh Shekhawat from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering in IIT Guwahati were chairmen of the workshop.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, University of Pardubice has developed cooperation with IIT Guwahati for eight years now. The result of cooperation are common themes for dissertation theses, supervising these dissertation theses, lots of bilateral mobility of students and researchers (supported by project Erasmus plus), and joint publishing activity in recognized journals and international conferences. Developed themes are Internet of Things (IoT), Security of Information Systems, Radio Communication Systems or Developing of Sensors and Technology for Contactless Detection. These trends of future increasingly influence our life. The Indian students and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics use the modern laboratory equipment, which The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics gained with the help of the research support project.

30. 5. 2019
Visiting fair IDET 2019

Our three academic employees from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Ing. Jan Pidanič Ph.D., Ing. Tomaš Zálabský Ph.D. and Ing. Karel Juryca and two professor from the from Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering in IIT Guwahati, Dr. Gaurav Trivedi and Dr. Hanumant Singh Shekhawat, visited the IDET fair 2019 in Brno. The IDET International Defense and Security Technologies Fair is an important defense and security technology show in Central Europe. The largest exhibitor is the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic.

16. - 18. 4. 2019
Department of Electrical Engineering held an international conference MAREW 2019

On 16 April - 18 April 2019, the traditional event MAREW 2019 was held, consisting of two conferences - RADIOELEKTRONIKA 2019 and COMITE 2019. The University of Pardubice and the Department of Electrical Engineering, were selected for the conferences.

Articles were presented at the conference by the Upa:

  • Automatic Analysis of the Signals from the FMICW Radars. Luboš Rejfek; Ondřej Fišer; Pavel Chmelař; Karel Pitaš; Pavel Bezoušek; Phuong T. Tran; Đồng Sĩ Thiên Châu
  • Comparison of the Methods of Graphical Solution of Symbolic Sensitivity. Bohumil Brtník
  • Efficient PRNG Design and Implementation for Various High Throughput Cryptographic and Low Power Security Applications. Bikram Paul; Gaurav Trivedi; Pidanič Jan; Zdeněk Němec
  • Convolutional Neural Network for Sound Processing - Study of Deployed Application. Petr Dolezel; Dominik Stursa; Daniel Honc
  • Integrated ABB and DVS: A Post-silicon Tuning Approach for Parametric Yield Enhancement in Sub-45nm CMOS Technology. Sunil Dutt; Jan Pidanič; Zdeněk Němec; Sukumar Nandi; Gaurav Trivedi
  • Total Electron Content Measurements by Single-Frequency GPS Receiver. Luboš Rejfek; Jaroslav Urbář; Karel Pitaš; Pavel Chmelař
  • Utilization of Machine Learning to Detect Sudden Water Leakage for Smart Water Meter. Jan Merta; Jan Fikejz
  • The Automatic Undistortion Strength Estimation for Any Describable Optical Distortion. Natalija Chmelarova; Pavel Chmelar; Lubos Rejfek
  • The Fine Plane Range Estimation From Point Cloud. Natalija Chmelarova; Pavel Chmelar; Lubos Rejfek
  • Vibration Measurement and Analysis of Mechanical Design of the Antenna Radar System. Josef Jordán
  • Simple Calibration of FMCIW 35 GHz Meteorological Radar "PCDR 35". Ondrej Fiser; Karel Pitaš
  • Nonlinear Distortion in a Microwave High Power Amplifier. Bezoušek Pavel; David Matoušek; Luboš Rejfek
  • Discrete Wavelet Design for Target Classification in Pulse-Doppler Surveillance Radar. Michael Mesarcik; Simon Lewis; Amit Mishra; Jan Pidanic; Karel Juryca
  • Estimation of the Capacity of Human Perception using Computational Aesthetics. Marie Nedvědová; Jaroslav Marek
  • Object Oriented EMT simulation framework for On-Grid Centralized Microgrid. Swati Shukla; Praveen Tiwari; Pidanič Jan; Zdenĕk Nĕmec; Gaurav Trivedi
  • Detection and Recognition of Signals in HF Radio Monitoring. Valeriy Bezruk; Stanislav Ivanenko; Oleksii Fedorov; Zdeněk Němec; Jan Pidanič
  • Adaptive Pulse Compression Filter in Radar Receiver Application. Pavel Bezoušek; Simeon Karamazov; Jiří Roleček
  • Design of an Electronically Steered Antenna Array in the X band. Ondřej Jaroš; Ladislav Beran
  • Identification and Suppression of Slot Modes in a Coaxial Magnetron. Mohit Kumar Joshi; Sandeep Kumar Vyas; T. Tiwari; Jan Pidanic; Zdenek Nemec; Ratnajit Bhattacharjee
  • Theoretical Analysis of Slow-light in π-phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating for sensing applications. Krishna Mohan Dwivedi; Gaurav Trivedi; Tomasz Osuch; Karel Juryca; Jan Pidanič

14. 1. 2019
Head of Department and PhD students at the University of Indonesia​

Within the framework of the Inter-European Program ERASMUS+, the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering took part in a one-month stay at the University of Indonesia, where he continued to work in the field of vectorization and parallelization of algorithms for digital signal processing in radar technology. Three-month internships will be undertaken by PhD students (Karel Juryca and Tomáš Hnilička) who will work together with PhD students of the University of Indonesia on the topic of:

  • Adaptive Active Antenna Systems for 3D Radars,
  • Suppressing the Impact of Wind Power Plants on Primary Surveillance Radars.

During the internship, there was a meeting with the faculty leadership (see photograph): from the left prof. Heru Suhartanto, Ing. Tomáš Hnilička, Ing. Karel Juryca, Mirna Adriani, Dra., Ph.D., Petrus Mursanto, Ir, M.Sc., Dr.

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