Bachelor study programme "Technique of communication and microprocessors"

Study characterization

The aim of a three-year bachelor study programme is to prepare academically educated specialists, who are able to find employment not only in the sphere of electronic industry, but also in other sphere of industry focused on application of microprocessors and computers during proceeding, controlling, operating and diagnostics of electronic systems and devices.

Functional specialization of university graduates is the precondition for finding employment in the sphere of communication, automation and security technology in professional branches:

  • Development and production of electronic  devices and devices of computer and communication technology
  • Final and technical control, testing and measure centres
  • Dealing with systems for security of buildings, identifying and accessing systems

Professional profile of university graduate:

University graduate of bachelor study has an excellent knowledge in the sphere of general electro technique and electronics, theoretical basis in mathematics and physics and other sciences. His or hers special knowledge are concerned mainly the transfer and processing of signal and information, and application of microprocessors and computers during proceeding various processes, electronic systems.

Master study programme "Communication and regulating technologies"

Study characterization

A two-year masters study programme Electro technique and informatics (N2612) specialization Communication and regulating technologies is determined for university graduates of bachelor study programmes.

The aim of master study in this sphere is to prepare university graduates for finding employment in the position of technicians, developmental and managing employments in the companies and organisations that occupy with operation, direction, service, production or development and projecting of communication, regulating and automation of security technology, but also in other branches of industry, transport and connections.

After finishing follow-up master study by successful retaining of diploma thesis and passing final state exams, the graduate receives the title: Engineer (Ing.).

Professional profile of university graduate:

University graduate of master study specialized in Communication and regulating technology has:

Good theoretical basis in applied mathematics, theory of probability, statistics and data processing, theory of communication and signal processing

  • Necessary knowledge in electronics and also in analysis and designing basic and advanced analogue and digital electronic circuit
  • Special knowledge according to chosen specialization: communication systems, controlling systems, digital technique for signal processing
  • General knowledge in the sphere of project management, quality and reliability controlling, and in the sphere of protecting personal data and author´s and industry law
  • Ability of good orientation in modern information systems and the use of them.